Greetings Divine One

You have journeyed here from a path of beautiful light and dark. Trust, all is as it should be. All that you are is precious, perfect and true. I am here to help you replenish your life force.

Life force energy is in & around all things- at the cellular level and down to your soul essence. Through the experience of Reiki Energy healing, Oracle Card readings, Healing Yoga, Expressive Arts sessions, Organic processing of Emotional Energy, and Guided Meditation, a gentle flooding of this life force energy is received. Blockages in the physical, emotional, mental, ethereal/ soul & energetic body transmute. A sense of clarity and balance returns.

If you would like information on your own personal healing session-

Email me at:

Call/Text me at: (559) 723- 5043

Journey teaches us that we are individually created of abundant compassion, understanding and love. Through mindfulness, curiosity, openness and surrender, we discover and reemerge as our true Self.

Journey and Timing have brought us together now. From this connected space we shall witness divine construction of your abundant and courageous life.

I will hold the mirror as you arrange an image of familiar truth, & Real-Ize that the Sum of all Things is you.

You are strong. You are loved. You are ready.

Allow the Shifts to Happen

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