Morblissity Monday

In all things of nature, there is something of the miraculous.


(Click the title to read more). Could you believe that perhaps what we perceive as hell, has indeed been here on Earth?

Then, could you believe that this is the most horrid existence may become? That death, betrayal, budding flowers and sunrises atop the sea is the beginning of your rise to eternal bliss…

I think I know hell because I feel suffering of the physical and emotional. What I imagine manifests as my reality. Should I strive to a constant imagining of bliss, how then could this not manifest as my constant reality? Perhaps.

Published by Sumthing Syzygy Sumthing Syzygy is a container of natural, holistic, energy focused healing services. Each service offering is moldable for individual design and optimal benefit. I will act in support of you. I will give you access to a sense of validation, connection, and interdependence. Together, we reach new heights and spaces of beautiful vitality. Together we allow the shifts to happen.

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