Sumthing Syzygy Holistic Healing & Wellness Services

(Click the Title to Read More). Hello there, and, please welcome Sumthing Syzygy to your journey.

Private Sessions have a new location in the Blossom Valley of San Jose, CA. We have a beautiful view of the Santa Cruz mountains, a cozy and open back yard space for outdoor healing, a session room designed for privacy, peace, and a cozy experience. You’ll find all day ease of access to parking in the drive way or curb-side.

Expressive Arts and Ayurvedic Nutrition have officially been added to the list of serviced to list as follows:

  • Expressive Arts
  • Ayurvedic Nutrition
  • Organic Process Soul & Self Healing
  • Reiki Energy Healing
  • Guided Meditation
  • Hatha/ Alignment-Based Yoga (Private & Group options)
  • Oracle Card Readings

Click here to treat yourSelf to a 1 hour, 20 minute Syzygy Healing Session

Syzygy Healing Session

Treat yourself to a 1 hour session- provided in the 6 following formats: Expressive Arts, Healing Yoga, Meditation, Oracle Card reading, Organic Process, and Reiki Energy Healing. Tea, Water and personalized care are offered in a cozy private space or at a predetermined outdoor space. Upon Purchase, please call Tori (559-723-5043) to book your session day and time, often to availablity within the week of purchase!


Happiness is a state of being, not a item or thing to quantify. Feeling is the path to true happiness. Allow the Shift to Happen. Real-Ize the Sum of all Things is you. 

A mantra to say, eyes closed, until you feel a shift:

“I am enough.”

“I choose today.”

Namaste Shiny Soul. 

Moving into Greater Healing

(Click the title to read more) As I move into my own private therapy, deepen my transpersonal connection with Self and person journey, I am finding myself with the desire to share more and more of the energy that has healed me.

This energy is that of love, curiosity, openness, integrity, desire, and content. I choose to share this with any one who wants company and attunement on their own journey. I share this with you, human who feels this, but perhaps in isolation. You are not alone.

The wish and longing for a healed experience is here now. The wish has been granted. The answers are more than in front of you, they are inside of you.

In this human world we are so fortunate to have others. Beings and humans akin who exist in their own majesty. And to each of the other, why? Why must the other exist? Well, friend, that is indeed your mirror. All people and being and things a like are here for us to learn, to witness, to marvel in. As we marvel, we expand. As we expand, we come alive. As we come alive, we learn to live. As we learn to live, we learns to love. As you learn to love, you learn you are already healed. Namaste Shiny Soul.

Morblissity Monday

In all things of nature, there is something of the miraculous.


(Click the title to read more). Could you believe that perhaps what we perceive as hell, has indeed been here on Earth?

Then, could you believe that this is the most horrid existence may become? That death, betrayal, budding flowers and sunrises atop the sea is the beginning of your rise to eternal bliss…

I think I know hell because I feel suffering of the physical and emotional. What I imagine manifests as my reality. Should I strive to a constant imagining of bliss, how then could this not manifest as my constant reality? Perhaps.

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